Uc-Union.com: Earn Real Money by Sharing Apps

UC Union App Share Program, ucunion refer earn, and uc union affiliate program know full guide step by step to Make Real Money By Sharing Apps.

Ucunion affiliate program earn real money online

UC Union is an advertising program which is under UC Browser, so here i will teach you full guide about how to earn real money from UC Union app share program

As many people searching the best way to earn real money such as how to make $5 daily from uc union, how to earn unlimited real money from uc union app share program, how to join uc union program, ucunion refer bonus program and many more keyword still searching on google, so today i am going to share all your answer that you want to know. if you are one of those person who want to make money online per month then read this post

We all know making money online its not as easy as many people think but not so taft also if you do hard work you can easily earn more than $100 per month, but remember only hard work not will give you money all times, you have to do hard work as well as smart work

So that is why i am sharing uc union app share program it will help you to earn real money more than 100$ per month, but how ? you could think is it possible without any website or blog, that question simple answer yes, let me tell you full process with screenshot

You might be seen, nowdays many facebook user share some link with writed adult content or 18+ images and when you click that link 9 apps or any others app downloaded so what is it? actually the sharer person is a publisher of uc union and he increasing earning by sharing these apps, now you can earn too with the same process, no need to download any apps, no need to create any website or blog, if you have facebook group or page with some good active people i am sure you will earn hug amount

How to earn real money from UC Union App Share Program, uc union refer earn program or ucunion affiliate program

Here is some easy steps that will explain you the process you have  to do same as i said in this article,

First of all visit UC Union signup page by clicking here

Steps to join uc union app share program

  1. Enter an unique username
  2. Enter your passwork (Use only alphabets and number’s.)
  3. Confirm your password
  4. Select country india
  5. Select facebook as online contact and enter your facebook profile url
  6. Enter your email address
  7. Provide your phone number
  8. And tik on agree to uc union terms & conditions
  9. Finally click on Submit button and you are done, Congrats!

Uc union app share program earn real money

Once you successfully signup then You will able to access dashboard but didn’t get any promotional link until you submit any apps or blog url so here our next step is submit our site url..

Don’t worry If you don’t have any blog, just enter any website url, you can use helpingblog.com as your url or you can create a free blog from blogger. however, choose is yours

How to submit your application from UcUnion.com

here is the simple way to submit your application on uc union just follow these steps

To submit you blog url or app follow these steps-

  1. Login your uc union account
  2. Click on Management option and click on submit new site
  3. Now select cash, type: affiliate, source name: enter any name, source url: enter your blog url or any url, category: blog, Integration Method: Link
  4. After selecting above option, finally click on submit

uc union submit applicationNote: Now you have to wait till verifying your application, it may take upto 24 hours, but i got verified mail in just 5 minute

Once your application will verified, then you are almost ready to earn money via UC union app share program, to get any promotional link you have follow these steps carefully

Steps to get promotional link of any app that available in india

  1. Open your UC Union dashboard
  2. Click on Check Campaign list to see all available offers
  3. There you will see 9apps apk and others some apps apk
  4. Just select any apps which is suitable for you
  5. I suggest you select 9apps because its just 2 mb so many people will download it

uc union apps share list

Now copy the link which shown you and share it via facebook, group, whatsapp and anywhere

You will get $0.30 each download, to check your earning history click on report option there you wil see all your earning history

Some tips to Earn $100 or more per month from UC Union

  1. Increase your fan followers of facebook page
  2. Post your promotional link on facebook group and make it pinned
  3. Use url shortner to coustomize your promotional link
  4. Create facebook group and page
  5. Increase group members with help of your facebook friends
  6. Also share your link via others fb group and whatsapp group to increase your earning

Finall Words

So this the best way to earn money from UC Union App Share Program, they are also running Refer & Earn program by which if you refer someone, you will earn 10% commission from her earning for 3 months. Let’s join now using this link to get $5 joining bonus

Do you have any question or you think i have missed something here? Please let us know if you think so!

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