Reliance Jio Sim Frequently Asked Question: Know Everything you wanted to know

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Generate jio bar code

We are back with Reliance Jio Sim Frequently Asked Question here we added top FAQs for you

As many of reliance user have many question about new launched jio 4G sim card so now we are presenting you latest Reliance Jio Sim Frequently Asked Question by which all users will get all answer what they wants to know about reliance jio. so let’s start

Reliance Jio Sim Frequently Asked Question

In previews articles We have shared 3 trick by which you get free jio sim without lyf phone, convart 2gb data into unlimited and how to increase jio 4g downloading speed, so many people asked many question in our old post. today they will find their answer from this post

Reliance Jio 4G Sim Frequently Asked Question, know everything you wanted to know

How Much Time It Takes To Activate Reliance Jio 4G Sim Card?

Well, initially it took around one day to fully activate my Reliance Jio sim card. But as of know, the process is getting more secure. It may take 3 to 4 days to activate your sim card. So just take patience and wait till the activation process completes.

Can i Buy Reliance Jio Sim Card Online,

I really don’t know where this question comes from. The perfect of this answer is No. You cannot buy Reliance Jio sim card online. Jio sim card is exclusively available on Reliance Digital Stores. If you want to buy a Reliance Jio sim the just download MyJio android app and check the local Reliance Digital Store near you on Online Map.

What is jio preview offer?

Jio preview is valid for lyf phone user, if you buy a new brand lyf phone from any store, you can generate a bar code which will give you free jio sim with preview offer,

Under jio preview offer, you will able to use unlimited internet and free call, free sms for 1 year from date of activate

What is jio welcome offer?

Well jjo welcome offer is valid for new user who bought new jio sim card, the jio sim card is free there is no need to anything,

Under jio welcome offer, you will get unlimited 4G internet and free call with the validity of 31th dec from the date of activate

What Is Reliance Jio Sim Card Price?

Well as per latest information, Reliance Jio sim card comes free with LYF android mobiles. Well it actually doesn’t comes with the mobile package but you have to grab the same from your nearest Reliance Store. The price of the Jio sim card is rs.0 for all.

My bar code already redeemed now what?

If your bar code already redeemed, then here is only solution available for you and that is generatw again by using others device or change your device dwtails

Jio bar code expired? What shouls you do know?

Just try to regenerate a new bar code because you can’t use expired bar code

How to active jio sim card for Volte and LTE devices

For Volte devices

To active your jio sim card you need to call to this number 1977. After calling give them your details and adsress proof and your sim card is activate within few hours.

For LTE devices

If you are using LTE device then, at first download jio join app and select jio as prefereed network, then call 1977 and so tell them your address, doc details. Thats it.

What is Jio welcome offer 2?

Good nows for jio sim users, now you can use jio welcome 2 which is same as welcome offer, recently they are increased jio welcome offer which is named as jio welcome offer through which you can use all jio premium features like jio tv, free internet, free call till march 2017.

Can I Use My Activated Jio Sim On Other Devices?

No you cannot. Jio sim is IMEI bound so no matter what it will work on a single device. Jio sim work on the same device on which it was activated.

My bar code is already redeemed what to do now?

Well, i dont find any solution why many of peoples are getting this problem but here is only one way for. I advice you try to generate new one

Update: Now you can use jio sim card at any 4G devices, recenly reliance announced “The jio sim is available for all 4G devices” click here to know more

How to get jio bar code to get free jio sim

This is very easy way to generate jio bar code, well if you don’t know, read my next article by clicking here

Will Jio 4G Sim Card Work On My 3G Mobile ?

In one word, Yes. If you have pre-activated Jio sim card then you can use this sim card on 3G devices too. This is because mobile Telecom operator uses same 3G tower for any 4G coverage. The only limitation is that you will get less download speed as compare to 4G. You can even use Jio sim in 2G devices.

How to buy jio sim card online

To buy jio sim card online read my latest update post by clicking here

I Have Generated The Barcode From Other Mobile, Can I Activate Sim In Other Mobile?

No you cannot. You have to activate the jio sim card from the same mobile where you have generated the barcode.

I Got Only 2GB Data On Reliance Preview Offer, Why?

This is because that unlimited data offer is only working on LYF handset. So if you have activated the Jio sim on any non-LYF mobile than you may get limited 4G data usage.

I Have A Samsung Phone, Which Phones Are Eligible For This Offer?

You can find all eligible Reliance Jio Mobiles From Here. We have listed all handsets and their links to buy.

I Have Lost My Jio Barcode, What To Do?

I recommend everyone to take screenshot of the generated Barcode. If due to any circumstances, you have lost your barcode then just Go to your Mobile Settings Application Manager ⇒ Installed Apps ⇒ MyJio ⇒ Clear app data. Now open MyJio app and You will get your barcode again.

Finall Words

If you want to know more Reliance Jio Frequently Asked Question, just comment below we’ll reaply you as soon as possible

Generate jio bar code

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