How to Convart Reliance Jio 2GB Data into Unlimited 4G Internet and Calling

Trick to Convart Reliance Jio 2GB Data into Unlimited 4G Internet and Calling with sms, find here full guide

Hey we are presenting you a new Reliance Jio Trick to Convart 2GB Data into Unlimited 4G Internet Data with unlimited free calling. so read the full post because it’s very importent trick for all non lyf users

Trick to convart reliance jio 2gb data into unlimited 4g internet

Convart Reliance Jio 2GB into Unlimited 4G

As you know i have posted an article about how to get jio sim without samsung device even non lyf phone, so the method is working very well but there is a little problem facing non lyf phone user, they are only getting 2GB 4G Data, 90 sms and 100 calling minutes so today i will share full guide about how to convart Reliance Jio 2GB Data into Unlimited 4G Internet Data

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It’s not as easy as you think to convart 2gb into unlimited, i’ve tried many method but getting fail all time so finally today i got success and think to share with all of you. so let’s checkout full guide very carefully

Reliance JIO Preview SIM 2 GB Data LIMIT Problem Fixed Method

Reliance jio limited data problem fixed

You will receive a message from castomar care like screenshot below, saying dear user your jio will stop working as the unlimited offer has not been activated, to continue using jio services, kindly active the unlimited offer by logging on to my jio app.

So after getting this message you jio sim may be blocked after some days if you don’t active unlimited offer

How to convart reliance jio 2gb data into unlimited 4G internet full guide

Here i will added 3 working method to convart jio 2gb data into unlimited 4g internet, you can any of below mention trick and if it’s not work for you then just drop a comment with your problem

#1 How to convart reliance jio 2gb data  into unlimited 4g internet for non samsung device

This method is few taft to use but you will get success if you try

  • Firsy of all unstall all jio app from your device

Download from here

  • Now install my jio app old version

Please note download only from given link below, otherwise it will not work because they fixed all bug of updated version which is available on playstore

  • Now turn your data and wifi off and open the myjio app (which gives account information), it will show as “No Internet” on top but you can click on “Sign Up”
  • Turn on your Jio Data (No wifi), and complete the sign up
    process using your Jio number and getting the OTP.
  • The process may take few tries as the connection gets established. So try it multiple times until you get the OTP.

Remember, the email address you will put at the time of creation of account is your Jio ID

  • Now login using your jio id and password
  • Now, use task manager and clear/close all jio apps from it.
    After that, open My Jio App and install all the listed
    apps.(use Jio Data only)

Again do clear/close all Jio apps using task manager

  • Turn off data, open My Jio App, click on MyJio and click on “Get SIM” option.
  • Now a pop up will appear as no internet connection. Now turn on Jio Data, hit back and it will automatically sign in
  • After that, you will get option of Unlimited offer, hit it and voila, your unlimited offer will be activated immediately.

Note: If you are unable to follow the process, uninstall Myjio app and again install it and try again

So try below above mention steps to convart 2gb data and 100 minutes free call into unlimited 4g data with unlimited calling

#2 Trick to Convart Jio 2GB Data into Unlimited 4G Internet for others Samsung Device

Guys if your phone samsung device then its very easy to convart reliance jio 2gb data into unlimited 4g internet

  • Firstly download my jio app from playstore
  • Open the app, register your number and verify it
  • Now login your account using id and password
  • After that, clear all app from task manager
  • Then open jio app, click on get unlimited 4g and you are done

You have successfully convarted 2gb to unlimited 4g

So this is one of the best easy method for non samsung devices, use this trick and turn your 2gb into unlimited

#3 Trick To Convert Free JIO 2GB Data into Unlimited 4G Data for All 4G Devices

This is last method to convart reliance jio 2gb data into unlimited 4 internet and it is easy to use also

  • Install jio app (if you have already then ignore this step)
  • Now goto setting > apps> my jio and do clear data

Note: Make sure your net has connected with jio 4g

  • Now Open Myjio app for a minute, then click on Signup option And Wait For 10-20 second You will Get a Banner (Not Preview Offer Banner) Click On SUBMIT And Done

If You Still Havent Got The Banner Then Click On BACK Button and Click On SIGN IN And Wait For Few Seconds and See Banner Comes or not

If Still Not Come Then Again CLick On BACK and This Time Click On SKIP Success You will Get SUBMIT Button For Sure This Time

Do here i have writen 3 method to bypass 2gb data 100 minutes call and 90 sms into unlimited so use any of above method to use unlimited 4g without lyf phone.

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