Trick to Accept All Friend Request at Once Using Puffin Browser

How to Accept All Friend Request at Once using Puffin Browser : Accept All Freinds Request with single click, Add All Friends To A Group, Unfreind All Freinds In Single Click

Hello Freindsss Today I an Going to Show You an amazing intresting trick now you can Add all facebook friends to group at once, Accept All Freind Request At Once In Single Click With Mobile, this is an exclusive tricks provide by ED our team. We have tested this trick its 100% working so now you no need to use pc for accepting all friends at once + adding all friends to group as members + Unfreind All Freindss In Single Click. So hurry and lets follow below steps to use our Facebook Multiple Trick with pufin browser

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Trick to Use Two Facebook App in One Device

Use Two Facebook App in Single Device, Here i will tell you details about how to use two facebook app in one device

Hey earning deal visitors now we are going to share a new way to use two facebook app s in single device. we have already shared many facebook and whats method recently we shared about  how to ise two whatsapp in one device.

Use Two Facebook App

Use Multiple Facebook App

In these days many people’s are on Facebook and every peoples around the world are using Facebook to play games chat with new people’s. In this many of those are having 2 accounts on Facebook. Actually one cannot really imagine his life without the internet and Facebook just because Facebook is the only thing which is used by billions of people’s around the world. Many of the users creates 2 or more Facebook account to prank with their friends and sometimes to chat with the people let the reason be anything. In today’s tutorial we are going to tell you about an application from which you can install 2 Facebook application in one mobile.

So now we will show you how to use that app for cloning your Facebook application. It won’t consumes much space and it will be isolated so you don’t need to take tension about any blocking issues of your Facebook account.

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Add All Friends In Facebook Group With One Click

Add all Friends in Facebook Group with One Click, How to add all friends in facebook group in single click

Hey Guys today i am going to tell you about Add All Friends in Facebook Group with One Click this is an amazing trick as you know now days Facebook no 1 social where we can do anything we can also create a public group where we can add unlimited members mean no limit how much can add members but facebook is not alow to Add all Friends in Facebook Group with One Click so its very irritating to add memebers one by one so thats why we make this trick which can help you to Add all Friends in Facebook Group with One Click.

we are sharing this Script, which you can use for adding all your Facebook Friends as Group member in any group of your choice. This Script will work really fine and quick, we have also tested it and working fine. To use this trick you need to chrome or mozilla browser and Pc or Laptop. So lets Checkout Step by Step Guide about this Thing now from below. Continue reading